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art (drawings)

here are some drawings by me and my friends, all of my characters, and my sonas: husky (grey generic wolf) and falken (blue wolf).
click the images for links to the original post by the artist if it isn't me

the first commission of husky i ever got. i've used this in a million places, and the art still looks great!

first ref of the new sona that me and kiid(i think that's their name) collaborated on, basically used everywhere except when i'm lazy and don't want to draw multiple colors

commission of falken by kindadweebish, you'll notice i've commissioned them a lot

commission of falken by coldfoop

art by clate, unfortunately i cannot remember if this was a commission or not

another commission by dweeb, this time of an extremely underused character design by me, fekhesk II! design is of what i imagine fek's LPD character to look like

second emotion commission of fek II by dweeb

first picture here that was actually drawn by me, this was back awhile ago when i purchased someone's oc (i have since sold it back to them). just a meme drawing about wargames, the best movie

first art by naiver, one of my great friends who's drawn like a million pictures of falken lol. however, this is a picture of a character that is our sonas combined. i forget where the name "searan" comes from

another sort of joke picture by me, and yet another wargames reference. also includes dawnclaw, coldfoop, and my friend alex

this was an image i commission naiver for awhile ago, i still use it as my twitch profile picture! i didn't have the file on my computer, so this version is watermarked from da

i wanted to try to do 3d modeling with a model sheet, so i commissioned dweeb for one and here it is! i used it in one of my vrchat avatars

another cool fullbody by dweeb, i think i used this as my twitter pfp at one point

first image by me that isn't a joke drawing lol

now we're finally getting into the funny naiver images, there are tons of these (and some gifs too) but i don't want to use up all my neocities bandwidth


i showed naiver this shirt once, and she thought it would fit falken and their canonical fortnite obsession

this picture is hecking amazing. it has so many little references to inside jokes and there's so much effort put into it, once again drawn by naiver

a happy falken by naiver

picture i recently drew of fekhesk dressed like me

commission i got from aimkid of falken!

random headshot of husky i did awhile back, i think it was originally for a new pfp

picture i drew of falken holding a stock image guitar

half jokingly asked naiver one day to draw falken in a "cool pose" and got this lmao