Husky's Commission TOS

hello welcome to my commission tos website! make sure to read these before you commission me! (:

things i will not draw:

*anything considered "explicit" by e621

things i am okay with drawing:

*nullified bodies and breasts in an artistic context are fine

**only putting this here because there aren't many in my examples

***only trained in russian handwriting, might be messy looking

****somewhat rusty, very little knowledge of kanji

important pricing info:

*commercial is defined as either used in a corporate setting, or used for a project that earns over $10k USD a month (or the equivalent in your local currency)

**skeletons are very funny, but they are also hard to draw because of a lot of bones especially if they're shaded, i'd rather not draw a skeleton but i will if i have to


don't be afraid to just dm me and ask for a quote on how much something might cost! i won't be upset if you find it too expensive and don't end up purchasing, i've done the same before lol

if you want me to try to emulate someone else's style, i can try; however i cannot guarantee that it will be perfect

if you have any further questions, dm me on twitter @arcadezmc or send me an email at

pricing chart